Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Minecraft Tutorial | Building a Viking Style House

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Edit: 9/5/2013 - This post is VERY old and I am considering making a new tutorial on this topic of Viking style houses.  It is a senstitive topic, because it is very easy to say, "this is Viking style" when it really isn't.  I'll be doing more research of the "Viking style" in the future and hopefully make a revised version of this tutorial.  When I do, I will link this post to the new one!

      "It's actually a custom texture pack I put together using the Ornate 5, DokuCraft Saga, Jamziboy's Edit, and Ovo's Rustic texture packs. Mine is NOT up to date.  There is a texture pack out there that is almost identical to this one though.  It's called Ovo's Rustic CONTINUATION by Pinky4341. Here's where you can find the download and more info: Planet Minecraft - Ovo's Rustic Continuation."

As you saw from the post on the city of Alimar last month, the houses in the pictures were complex, especially the roofs.  I thought you guys would like to see a step-by-step tutorial on how to build a simple Viking-style house.  Here is my first Minecraft tutorial on how to build a Viking-style house.

    First, we start out by marking where the frame is going to be.  Each log block has a 3 block space in between.

   Then, we build up the frame to where it is 4 blocks high.  By the way, it is very important to build a frame because it marks out for you the sections of the house.  It also helps with symmetry.

    Before we build the frame of the roof, we are going to build the walls of the first floor.

    Build them up until they are one block lower then your log frame.  (In other words, build the wooden plank wall 3 blocks high on each side.)

   Then you will connect the frame and make it look complete.  (That's as best as I can describe it.)

   The frame of the roof goes in one block every two blocks until it reaches the center point at the top. 

    After building the frame, you just fill in the middle with wood blocks. 

    The gables are the complex part.  I decided I would just make them and take a couple of pictures instead of going in-depth on how to make gables.  (I might make a future tutorial on that.)

    Then you just fill up the empty part in the front with wooden planks.

   The part that really makes it look Viking is how the roof goes farther out every couple of blocks.  To make that curve at the front/top of the roof, I simply put a stair on top of a stair facing the opposite direction of the other stair.  (I know that sound confusing.)

   This is the front of the home's first floor. 

   Also, the front of the house's second floor can be designed anyway you want.  But this is the way I designed it.  Using wool blocks on the side of the glass panes. 

   Once done with the gables on the sides just cut out the logs of the roof and replace the front of the gable with glass.  (like in the picture above)

    In the end, if you followed all the instructions and understood what I said, then your Viking house should look similar to mine.  I haven't done the interior because I only showed the exterior in the Alimar update, but I might do a tutorial on how to fill your Minecraft house with rooms and stuff that makes the interior look like a real house.  I know this tutorial wasn't the best it could of been.  It could of been more in-depth and more informative, but I tried my best.  I may do a follow-up tutorial on this, but instead of pictures, it would be a video.  A video would be the best for this kind of tutorial because you guys can actually see me place the blocks, and it would be much easier to follow.  I hope you did like the tutorial though, and I hope you learned some things about houses that you didn't know before.

*Alimar Update 2 coming Next Week*

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  1. What texture pack was this?

    1. It's actually a custom texture pack I put together using the Ornate 5, DokuCraft Saga, Jamziboy's Edit, and Ovo's Rustic texture packs. I'm not sure if mine is up to date. There is a texture pack out there that is almost identical to this one. It's called Ovo's Rustic CONTINUATION by Pinky4341. Just search that on google and go to where you can download it. Hope that helps! If you have any other questions feel free to ask! - Zach

  2. What is all the dimensions for the first step, 3 blocks between and how many blocks from one side to the other??

    1. I believe it is 7 blocks on the wider side. (That is 7 blocks inbetween the 2 log blocks on the wide side.) Sorry for the crappy tutorial. This one is pretty old. I need to post some new tutorials soon that are much more descriptive then this one haha. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. -Zach